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Dieker Family Pictures

This page is dedicated to the memory of
My Mom
Ruth Dieker Jansen
August 22, 1920 - October 21, 1996

Family Pictures

Gerhard and Christina Maas Family
Circa 1877

John and Elizabeth Maas Dieker Wedding
March 4, 1885

John B. and Elizabeth Maas Dieker Family
Circa 1903

Henry B. and Bertha Mast Dieker Family
Circa 1923

Ed and Susan Price Dieker Family
Circa 1936

Anton and Anna Dieker Schutte Family
Circa 1936

Sylvester and Gertrude Dieker Kamphaus Family
Circa 1936

Fred and Katie Dieker Price Family
Circa 1936

June 13, 1998
Delores "Tiny" Price Bange, Linda Price Gallamore, Donald Price,
Dorothy Price Deters & Bob Deters

Dieker Family Reunion
Circa 1936

Dieker Family Reunion
June 13, 1998

Dieker Family Reunion
June 13, 1998

Dieker Family Reunion
June 13, 1998

The Dieker Children
Circa 1940
Gary, Christina, Anna, Ed, Gertrude, Katie, Henry, Frances and Clara

The Dieker Girls
Circa 1950
Mamie,Anna, Gertrude, Katie, Clara, Christine and Frances

"Dieker" Girls at the family reunion.

Front row: Linda Dieker, Carol Hubbard, Barb Dieker-Jimenez
Second row: Darla Helmer, Glenda Boyer, Joyce Geiser,
Esther Willer, Sharon Keck, Debbie Hunsaker and Sandy Schutte.

Christmas 1995
Clarence and Ruth Dieker Jansen Family
Stanley, Clarence, Wesley, Becky
Donna, Erin, Ruth and Brian

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Dieker Family Tree:

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