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Dieker Family Wedding Album

Mamie and Henry Gengenbacher
February 10, 1909

Henry and Bertha Dieker
September 24, 1913

Anna and Anton Schutte
October 14, 1914

Ed and Susan Dieker
June, 1915

Gertrude and Sylvester Kamphaus
February 26, 1919

Katie and Fred Price
May 15, 1915

John and Alvena Dieker
May 21, 1921

Clara and Leonard Ehrhardt
April 26, 1926

Frances and Frank Hessing
June 3, 1931

Pictures not available

Christina and Joe Locker
November20, 1930

Gary and Alice Dieker
May 15, 1934

If anyone has copies of these pictures, please email me.

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