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This website concentrates on the ancestors and descendents of  John B. and Elizabeth Maas Dieker.  Their oldest son, Henry B. Dieker (center back) was my grandpa. 

Terry Wipff comes back to the Dieker Clan!

Reunion 2008
Shari & Terry Wipff, a new found cousin

Terry is the son of Grandpa Dieker's sister, Christine. However, Christine gave him up for adoption when he was ten months old. Terry met his mother when he was a teenager and met some of the older relatives at that time. But after many years, he has come back to Quincy to reunite with the Dieker clan once again. And we say, Welcome back, Terry.


On this website You will find many different pictures, including wedding pictures, links to current family pictures, old pictures of Henry's family, a few pictures of his sisters' and brothers' families and some family reunion pictures.  There is also a chart to help you figure out how we are all related to each other.  It is a continual work in progress so check back now and then to see what has been added or changed. There are also family genealogy lists.  These are as current as I could get them.  If you see additions or mistakes, please email me.  One list is for all the family of John B. Dieker and the other is for Elizabeth Maas. I am also in the progress of making individual trees for each of Henry’s children’s families.  If you would like to have your family tree listed, email me.  According to my Family Tree Maker Program, there are over 5000 names. Hope you can find yours in here. There is also a map where you can post where you are from and a forum where we can leave messages about anything for each other. Let's make this website jump with activity and fun.

Please let me know if you have pictures or information you would like to share with our family.  Also, I would like to know what you think of the site and if you have suggestions for improvement or other information you would like to see. And remember, this is still a work in progress.



Last update September 29, 2008