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Family Photo Album

Family Reunions

Reunion 2008
Aunt Florence Gramke, Cousin Terry Wipff & Jan Poulter

Reunion 2008
First Cousin Girls
Front: Shelly Steinkamp, Linda Howe, Kathy Crim, Darla Helmer, Second Row: Jeannie Hildebrand, Shari Keck, Debbie Hunsaker, Becky Coelho, Aunt Florence Gramke, Jan Poulter, Peggy Koetters, Betty Ann McCoy, Lawana Goehl, Carol Brennan

Reunion 2008
First Cousin Guys
Left to Right: Jim Dieker, Stan Jansen, Brent Dieker, Ed Wiewel, Duane Keck, Frank Bange, Rodney Keck and Terry Wipff

Reunion 2008
First Cousins & Aunts
Front Row: Shelly, Jeannie, Aunt Florence, Aunt Pat, Darla, Duane, Second Row: Jan, Linda, Brent, Lawana, Betty Ann, Carol Ann, Third Row: Shari, Stan, Debbie, Becky, Kathy, Rodney, Peggy, Terry, Frank, Back: Jim, Ed

Reunion 2008
Second Cousins
Left to Right: Brandon Dieker, David Keck, Steve Gramke, Laura Gramke, Brenda Fleer, Amanda Kasparie, Brittany Koetters, Lucy Crane, Nathan Koetters, Erin Fischer, Danielle, Steinkamp

To the right is the next generation. Since they are so cute and so young, I am not putting their names on their picture. We all know who they are and that is what is important.



In June 1998 we had a large Family Reunion for all of John & Elizabeth Dieker's descendents. There were close to 300 people there having fun meeting each other for the first time or talking over old times. It was a great time.

"Dieker" Girls at the family reunion.

Front row: Linda Dieker, Carol Hubbard, Barb Dieker-Jimenez
Second row: Darla Helmer, Glenda Boyer, Joyce Geiser,
Esther Willer, Sharon Keck, Debbie Hunsaker and Sandy Schutte.

June 13, 1998
Delores "Tiny" Price Bange, Linda Price Gallamore, Donald Price,
Dorothy Price Deters & Bob Deters

1998 Reunion

If you have pictures of a family reunion that you would like to share, please send them and I will be happy to post them for all the family to see. You can send the originals to me and I will return them unharmed to you as soon as they are scanned.

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